Local Search Optimization

We refine your businesses Online Presence through Website optimization and citation submissions across local and industry specific business local directories…

And that attracts more Local Clients, Customers and Patients to visit your Website and call your business.

Local Search is used by 85{e8a4aa46cf6c25804c483fa67ede4ec206b5d97cc7f191eed5b8ebdb2dcb23bc} of consumers — most often using a mobile Smartphone — to find your local business, or your competitor’s business.

Everyone who has access to the Internet uses a search engine to find relevant and useful information… According to Google.com 97{e8a4aa46cf6c25804c483fa67ede4ec206b5d97cc7f191eed5b8ebdb2dcb23bc} of consumers search for local business products and services online.

We can help your services and products get found when it counts… When your customers, clients or patients are looking right now for what they need!

  • 85% of consumers search online for local services — SearchEngineLand.com 85% 85%
  • 75% of users don’t scroll past Page 1 of a Google Search Results Page — Hitslink.com 75% 75%

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