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Performance Marketing Agency

We implement marketing systems and strategies to generate a real Return On Investment.

Analytic Conversion Tracking

You need to know where your advertising is producing results. The only way is to track visitors and conversions.

Lead Generation

Need new clients, patients and customers? We work with you to define and reach your business growth goals.

Remarketing Engagement

Reach out to potential new customers, patients, clients multiple times per day or week until they respond.
Our Story

AmeriNation is an online marketing agency based in Durango, Colorado that focuses on the needs of local and nationwide SMBs.

We work with entrepreneurs, professionals, small businesses and corporations to meet their marketing objectives though new client, patient and customer acquisition, using the latest online digital marketing technologies.

What sets us apart from any other agency is that we respect the investment in education, time and capital assets you’ve already invested in your business.

We will evaluate what you are currently doing online to generate new business… If we think what you are doing isn’t going to work, we will tell you! We’ll come up with a new plan and if you like what you hear, we will go to work for your business.

All too often marketing agencies just tell you what they think you want to hear. That you have a lovely website, or that your current advertising media just need a little tweaking. That’s NOT being honest or fair with you… If we think what you’re doing is missing the mark, we will tell you up front.

We will tell you what’s needed to fix the problem, so you can start generating a new stream of clients, patients or customers. The decision to proceed to yours alone. We want to work with you for your long-term success.


What We Can Do For YOU…

AmeriNation specializes in building, managing and marketing your businesses Online Reputation. If your Reputation is less than stellar through neglect, or as a consequence of a negative report submitted online by disgruntled former employee or vindictive past customer, you can’t just ignore the problem. Fair or not, it’s costing you lost business. And we can fix it!

The next step is to start building your new client, patient or customer base. Do you really want to grow your business? What big? We can make it happen, but you must be ready to commit to a growth strategy for at least 6 to 12 months.

AmeriNation is the expert at building your local marketing presence and implementing a combination of online Paid Advertising.

We also leverage your businesses visibility through strategic placements in local business and industry specific directories to increase the points of contact your new potential clients, patients and customers can find you.

Our vast expertise include custom Web Hosting, Web Design, Website Audits, SEO or Search Engine Optimization, Local Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click Marketing, Retargeting and Reputation Management.

Glenn Abernathy

Glenn Abernathy

Paid Ad Manager

Online digital advertising via Pay Per Click ad platforms are his specialty. When you need traffic now at a price that makes sense, Glenn’s your guy.
Alison Winters

Alison Winters

Customer Relations

When you make a commitment to build your business, we’re there to answer your questions. Alison Winters is a senior customer relations department head. She’s got the answers…
Bridgette Acosta

Bridgette Acosta

Web Designer

Is you Website looking a little dated? Web Design is a fast moving technology that can leave your business site in the dust. Bridgette Acosta is our resident Web Design guru.

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